Hello and Welcome

Hey friends! Welcome to my blog and thanks for clicking through!  What will this be about? It is about photography, life, and what inspires us to create. There may be informative links, some discussion, a little inspiration, and whatever else strikes my fancy. I'll share what I'm doing, and offer some new tidbits along the way. Please subscribe and share. I welcome your feedback.

A little Story

About 10 years ago or so, I used to do a weekly video series that I called “The Story Behind the Image.” They were very popular and I was building a nice following. A few years into it, I started my M.F.A. at Savannah College of Art and Design. I focused on my classes and put a hold on the video series. I'm thinking of starting them up again. I thought I would share one that I recently revisited, a definite oldie, but goodie. Unfortunately, in transferring over to a new computer, and new website, most of the files were lost. What little I do have is now in my YouTube channel. They do bring back some nice memories about the images. The video that follows is when I started using software that recorded my voice. Remember this is about 10 years old, but more probable longer. The technology is a bit outdated, but still fun to watch. Even the image in the video does not look like the actual photograph. I hope you enjoy. A bit of a disclaimer here. While recently revisiting my images, I discovered that I actually took a few photographs before the little bird flew away. In one of my images I even managed to move and include a petrified branch in the foreground. Memory may produce little gaps, but pictures tell the story. 

Thoughts...deep, deep thoughts

A few years ago, pre-Covid, I attended a party hosted by a highly respected photography publication. It consisted of like-minded photo professionals and enthusiast gathered together to talk photography, and showcase their work. The photography was outstanding! In attendance were many well-known and respected photographers - Paula Chamlee, Larry Fink, and photographer and archivist, Gary Saretzky, to name but a few. The inventor of the series “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” was also there. He was quite entertaining. Wonderful images, great conversation and delicious food. Great day! 

Get ready for the deep, deep part. So deep that it requires its own larger sized font to introduce it in an appropriate manner worthy of the insightfulness that follows. 

Okay, only kidding. But seriously, on my drive home I thought about the people that I had just met and the significance of such a gathering. Its importance is two-fold. It is always inspiring to look at the work of others. It helps us grow visually as photographers. We expand our mind's eye. But as much as looking at images helps us, a word of encouragement or suggestion from us to a fellow photographer can oftentimes go a long way. While we may not realize it at the moment, our words can be the much needed pat of approval that an artist is looking for to get their work out into the world or the permission they were seeking to go in a completely different direction. Like-minded people gathered to encourage and help each other - that is how we grow. That is why this community is so important and I am extremely grateful to be a part of it. 

Such gatherings have been a part of photography since the early photo pioneers. Whether we realize it or not, we are following in the footsteps of great men and women. Today, countless photo galleries, museum, and organizations hold monthly get-togethers for their members. They know the importance of community in the arts. One good thing that has come out of Covid is Zoom. We can virtually come together with fellow artists all over the world! As we continue to expand and explore our own photographic voices, let us be mindful of where we came from. Share what you know and what you are doing. Blogs are prime examples. They allow us to share what we know with those that choose to listen. It becomes a conversation, virtually, but a conversation nonetheless. For me personally, if my words can provide some sort of value, well then, I did my job. 

Now go out, make some photographs, and let's continue the conversation! Stay well everyone. Till next time.